Case: High potentials assessment and “Mid-level Managers” development program

The major aim of the program was to identify high potential candidates amongst ministry’s employees (8000 employees) who can then be developed to take over First Level Leaders roles within the organization.

iBloom have designed a turnkey solution for high potential assessment followed by leadership development program to support successful candidate to improve their competences and skills.

The program covered several stages starting from communication strategy to ensure high involvement and trust to the program. The next stage of the program was to develop an efficient selection methodology to identify top-50 candidates from the entire list of applicants. iBloom have developed 4 stage sifting process with the combination of cognitive ability and psychometric test, together with case analysis and competency based interviews. As the result of the selection process, out of 1200+ applicants, 22 participants have been selected and a tailored development plan has been prepared for them.

Upon the completion of selection process, iBloom’s bespoke “Leadership Journey” program has developed and delivered for the winners of the selection process. The program consisted on lulti-layer development tools including competency assessment, bespoke training programs supplemented, coaching, mentoring and shadowing exercises. Such complex approach has helped candidate to learn and grow faster.