Organizational Transformation


 Culture and Vision

  • Establish the desired culture & vision of the organization
  • Address current culture vs. desired with all employees
  • Implement culture elements into key business processes & how we operate
  • Ensure executives understands their role in formulating culture
  • Unearth current culture (habits, beliefs, unspoken rules)
  • Partner with leaders to create new behaviour patterns to align with desired culture

 Organizational diagnostic & growth

  • Complete a full discovery of strategic objectives, structure, employee morale, OKRs, business processes and other levers of organizational performance
  • Partner with leadership to close the gap between current and desired state
  • Outline new processes, roles, implementation timelines and phases to fit planned growth
  • Test & adjust, supporting implementation through all phases
  • Provide management training and mentorship
  • Support management team and help establish direction

 Strategic Planning

  • Work with leadership to create a comprehensive vision of the future
  • Ensure that the proper personnel are in place to handle strategic growth
  • Ensure strategic initiatives are clear throughout the organization
  • Implement project management tactics and tools to ensure milestones are met